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  • Rain

    Hi there, friends,               It’s good to connect with you today.  I trust that you are experiencing the presence of God in your life these days.  That is what we need to keep praying for.  He wants to be experienced by you so that you might know His boundless love and grace in your life.  read more
  • Balance In Your Life

    Hi everyone,               Wow.  With our weather getting near the 0 degrees point, it feels like we all packed up and landed in some tropical paradise.  It sure feels great to get outside without THE FEAR OF DEATH looming over you all the time. read more
  • Seek After Jesus

    Happy New Year everyone.               As we jump into 2022, we, of all people, should be filled with optimism, peace and joy. We have so much to hope for, so much to look forward to.  read more
  • The In-Between Place

    Hello there my friends.               We are in the in-between place.  We are in between Merry and Happy.  A few days ago, we said, “Merry Christmas”.  Pretty soon we will say, “Happy New Year”.  But now, we are in that mysterious week where we don’t really know what day it is, our diet consists of leftovers and chocolate, and our exercise plans have mostly disappeared. read more
  • Christmas Expectations

    Merry Christmas my friends,               I am praying that you have a very special time this year thinking about the birth of our Lord Jesus and worshiping Him.  We can have lots of expectations about what we think Christmas should be like.  Often those expectations can lead to disappointments.  read more
  • Slippery Slopes of Life

    Hey my friends,               Only a few more days till Christmas Eve.  I am so excited about worshiping Jesus together on that night.  read more
  • You Are The Light Of The World

    Hi there my friends,               One hundred and ninety-four thousand, six hundred and seventy-two.               That’s a pretty big number.                It’s the Guinness World Record for the greatest number of lights on a Christmas Tree. read more
  • Thankfulness

    Hi there everyone.            Well, here we are!  It’s December!  Man has this year flown by.  Just a few more weeks until Christmas. read more
  • JOY

    Hey my friends,               Hope you are having a great week.   You should pop in around the church these days.  Christmas is in the air.  Decorations are starting to go up.  Artwork for our Advent Series is being created.  It’s a fun place to be. read more
  • Advent Season Approaching

    Hi there everyone,               I hope your week has been going well.  Looks like we are getting a small taste of winter this week.  My brother lives in Merritt, BC and on top of all the complications of covid, now they have been evacuated because of the rain.  It just keeps reminding me that we have so very much to be thankful for.  Let us fix our eyes on Jesus and all the gifts that He has given us.  Let us also pray for those who are struggling, both nearby and far away. read more