ministries Mercy Connect

Mercy Connect is our ministry which enables us to confidentially walk alongside folks experiencing duress of any kind.  We hear their stories, help them sort through the issues, provide or connect them to the resources they need, all with unconditional love and irrational generosity.


 A message from our Pastor of Community Outreach, Pastor Heather Donald: 

“We care deeply about our community, your community of Sylvan Lake.

When times are tough and you are not sure where to turn or perhaps too many things are hitting you at once, we are here to listen and help you sort through the issues and priorities.  We are good listeners and can help you prioritize the concerns in front of you. 

Our hope is that by navigating through your struggles well, you will find new ways to change your situation, not only today but in the future, one baby-step at a time so that your future is less complicated and more joyful.  You are not alone!

So, reach out – we are here for you."

Please contact: subject line 'mercy connect' if you need help or want to help. 


Drop by our main office during office hours.

Community Partnerships

We are an integral part of the new Sylvan Lake Community Supports Coalition (SLCSC). When you come to us, you also have the combined resources of the entire coalition at your fingertips.