You Were
Made For This

Grow in your relationship with God.
Go and change the world


What do you do?

We define ourselves by so many things. We talk about our job, about our family, or the things we do.
Those things are part of our lives but they're not who we are.

You are more than your bank account, your house, or your job.
You were made for more than this.

Grow in your relationship with God. Go and change the world.


We Love Your Kids!

Your kids are going to
change the world!

Not in 5 years, not in 10 years, but right now, right where they are.
We do everything we can to help your kids grow in their relationship with God, and Go out and change their world right now.

We have an amazing Kids Ministry that is a lot of fun, helps them build community, and deepen their relationship with God. Your kids were made for more than just watching Netflix and playing Minecraft.
Your Kids were made for this.

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You're more than your body and mind.
Take a minute to feed your soul.

Here are our most recent Sermon Series. Tap a card to see all our Sermons from that series.  



Where do you go from here? 
You were made for more. You're meant to be more.
But how do you actually become more? Very simply, you take the next step forward. Take your next step today.