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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Hey friends,


You can’t judge a book by its cover.


When we lived in Owen Sound, a restaurant owner of a chain of three stores went to buy a new car.  She wanted to buy a corvette.  She’d always wanted one and, with the success of her restaurants, was more than able to do it.  Now, she didn’t really care about her appearance.  She often just wore sweats, a sweatshirt and running shoes.  Dolling up just wasn’t a big deal to her. 


She went to an auto dealer and began to look at the cars.  She saw one vette that really interested her.  While she was looking, one of the salesmen came up.  He didn’t know her; to him, she was just another customer.  But as he looked at her appearance, he assumed some things about her buying power. He asked if she needed help.  She said that she was interested in the vette.  He smiled and said, “Oh I don’t think that car is for you.  It is quite expensive.”


She returned his smile, thanked him for his helpful advice and then went across the street and bought two corvettes.  She asked the salesman to let the salesman across the street know about her purchase. 


The Bible tells us not to show favouritism (James 2). It also says that the Lord looks on the heart and not on the outward appearance (1 Samuel 16).  We must not fall into the trap of that salesman; we must not judge a person by their outward appearance.


It is easy to make up our minds quickly about a person based on first impressions. We need to pray that we will see their heart just like Jesus does. That will require us to be humble. It will require us to take the time to get to know people. It will take intentionality to listen to what Jesus thinks of that person.


This is all a part of what it means to love someone else as we love ourselves. I would like it very much if that kind of love was a characteristic of my life and of our church. May God grant us with that kind of love as the Holy Spirit impressed the life of Jesus on us.


I want to let you know that Pastor Heather who oversees our Mercy Connect ministry is on a three-month short-term disability for her health. She has struggled with some severe back pain, which has affected her mental health as well. She will be taking this time to rest, to seek counsel and to heal. Please pray for her while she is off work. We are working a plan to make sure that Mercy Connect continues to help meet the needs of people in Sylvan Lake. Thank you for your generous support of the General Fund. It is out of this fund that Mercy Connect is able to do so much great work.


This Sunday will be the last in our Nehemiah series. I will be talking about how Nehemiah was able to push through opposition to finish the work that God called him to do. We are in a spiritual battle where we will face opposition all the time. I pray that the principles in Nehemiah will be an encouragement and support to you as seek to flourish in your Christian walk.


Have a great weekend and we will see you on Sunday.


I love being you pastor.


Pastor Tim