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Hi there, friends,              

I hope you have been having a great week.  

We are coming to the end of our trip here in Southeast Asia. It has been a remarkable time. We have seen God do some amazing things. We have seen great works on the go here, great people being used by God to do important ministry. I have been humbled by what I have seen.

I think if there was one word that I would use to describe what I have seen it would be “innovation”. Our creative Saviour is working His unlimited creativity in and through the lives of His servants here. And He is spending all that creative energy to introduce people to Himself.

These are people that are far away from Him. There are people that don’t care about Him, that don’t think about Him, that live a life fully captivated by false gods. But He loves them just the same. And He will do anything and everything to convince them of His love.

Makes me think about all the people in Sylvan Lake, who are far from God. What innovations does God want to work through us to reach them? The only way we are going to know what His innovations are is if we listen closely to Jesus.

I am excited about the possibilities.

Christ is creatively and specifically reaching out to your neighbours, your friends, your teammates, your coworkers. Wouldn’t you like to keep in step with what He is doing?

I am hoping and praying that INNOVATION marks us as we move forward in sharing the love of Jesus with all those we meet in our day to day lives.    

We’ve got a long voyage home but plan to be in church on Sunday morning. I am really excited to see you all.              

This weekend, we will be looking at the sixth in our series entitles “One On One”. The character that Pastor Michael will be teaching on this week is Thomas. You can find his story in John 20.              

I hope you have a great weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.              

I love being your pastor.  

Pastor Tim