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Don't Go it Alone

Hello friends,


                Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead this Sunday! I know that can be an inconvenience to some (especially those with small children) but it is a sure sign that spring is just around the corner. And that is welcome news in my mind!


This winter, I made a commitment not to complain about the weather at all. So far, by God’s grace and with his help, I haven’t. Maybe next winter I will make a commitment to be filled with thanksgiving for the cold weather. We’ll see.


I’d like to talk about accountability for a bit today.


I had a great visit with a friend from the church here the other day. It was a time of openness and honesty, of prayer and encouragement. I came away feeling strengthened to face all the challenges that God is allowing in my life. 


This wasn’t a new experience for me.


I decided early on in my adult life, when I was around 18 years old, that I wasn’t going to attempt to go it alone.  I wanted to have trusted friends that I could be totally honest with.


I had some secrets in my life that were eating away at me, as well as some dark habits that were going to set me up for devastating failure and I knew that if I left them alone, they would grow, like mold in a dark corner. 


It is easy to live with secrets. 


It seems safest to live in isolation.


It appears strongest when we are the lone wolf.


But nothing could be farther from the truth. 


It was as I became vulnerable and transparent with a few trusted men that I began to experience real freedom and success in my life. 


It has made me a stronger person, a better spouse, a more honest dad, a truer friend.


I believe that God created us for community and there are lots of scripture texts that back that up.  Maybe the strongest argument for community comes from looking at the life of our Master and Leader Jesus Christ.  He surrounded Himself with twelve disciples and out of those twelve there were three, Peter, James and John, who He was especially close to. 


If Jesus needed that kind of camaraderie and community, it’s a safe bet that we do too.


                This Sunday we will continue with our series called Missions’ Mindset. Last week, I was so encouraged by how many of you took small steps forward in your growth in this area. Some of you started to give. Some of you inquired about short term missions’ trips. I think some of you were even wrestling with what Jesus might be calling you to do with your entire life. I am praying that God will have His way amongst us here at ACC.


                On Sunday, Pastor Michael will be speaking on the Cost of being a missionary. Some passages to look at in preparation for Sunday are Acts 14 & 16; 2 Corinthians 11:25; 2 Timothy 4:16-18.


                I hope you can be here or listen in online as the Spirit continues to motivate us to be on mission with Jesus.


                Have a great weekend.


                I love being your pastor.


Pastor Tim