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Follow Jesus

Hi there friends,


                I just wanted to say that I am really excited about our service this Sunday. Tyler Fehr will be joining me in the teaching time by sharing some of what God showed him while he was in Slovakia for the last couple of months. Tyler got to see and experience things that had a profound effect on his life, and I know that it will be inspirational to you.


                Tyler followed Jesus by saying, “Lord, I will go wherever you ask me to go and do whatever you ask me to do.”


                My prayer is that we will all be able to say those words to Jesus and see where He takes us. We can trust Him. His perfect love drives out all of our fears. He has a brilliant plan for your life and mine and I don’t want us to miss out on any of it.


                This Sunday, we will be continuing in our series called Missions Mindset. I hope that you have been feeling challenged through this time. I will be focusing on the Conflict in missions, whether that be at home or abroad. My text will be Acts 16:16-34 (the story of Paul and Silas in prison).


                As I said at the beginning of this series, my hope is three-fold.


I am hoping that we will all see that missions is in the heart of Jesus. He left His home to come and be among us in order that we might have eternal life. Then He commissioned us all to go and make disciples. His heart always has been and always will be to reach those who are far from Him with His love.


                I am also hoping that we will get a broader understanding of what we, as ACC, are currently doing to promote and support mission work around the world. As we said earlier, 10% of every dollar you give to the General Fund goes to support mission work. Why would we do that and what is the result?


                Finally, I am hoping that some of you will take a significant step forward in your missions’ mindset.


  • I am hoping that some of you who haven’t given before, will start giving towards God’s work around the world.
  • I am hoping that some of you will decide that you will go on a short-term missions’ trip.
  • And, I am even hoping and praying, that some of you will decide to greatly alter your future by becoming fulltime missionaries yourself.


I hope you have a great weekend and will be able to join us on Sunday either live or in person.


I love being your pastor.


Pastor Tim