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Alliance Global Touch Ministries

  Alliance Global Touch Ministries began in 2009 as T.O.U.C.H. Ministries which was a small group of volunteers with a simple goal to provide clean drinking water and, in time, build a children's home for orphans in Ogooma, Unganda.  Mission accomplished!  Most people would look at all that T.O.U.C.H. has accomplished in such a short period and decide that they have done enough.  Except, they have not.

  With fundraising and many hard working volunteers, this ministry has been able to show God's love and share His word with so many.  They have built an orphanage for 101 children, a school for the children, the only library in the area, and run adult education programs.  They have built a church and pastor's home, 2 water wells providing clean healthy water for the community, successful business and vocational training programs, a cattle program that benefits the community, a successful "Farming God's Way" program and so much more.

  Teams would regularly visit Ogooma to help in many ways and share their love with the children, staff and surrounding communities.

  This ministry joined with the mission’s board to become Alliance Global TOUCH ministries.  Our vision is that ACC people know God’s heart for the unreached, that our international partners are fully supported and that every believer attending ACC engages practically in Gods Global Plan to reach the unreached. We have four main partners with whom we have an ongoing commitment to support.  We seek to do our part in the Gospel going forth into the world by supporting them in their ministries financially and prayerfully. 

Meet Our International Partners

The McIvers                                                                      

Paul and Chantelle have been serving in Malaysia for several years, before that they served in Africa.  They work with what is considered to be one of the most persecuted peoples in the world, the Rohingya people.   There are over 100,000 Rohingya refugees living in Malaysia, these are people with no status and no rights, which means it is illegal for them to work.  Children are not welcome in Malaysian schools and health care is only provided for them out of their own expense. 

Paul and Chantelle seek to bring the gospel to them by stepping in and helping in various ways to give them a brighter future. 

Paul seeks to employ men by providing work in his shop where they build furniture, climbing walls, and other projects.

Chantelle reaches out to young first time pregnant moms who have little to no education. She and her team meet with these women to educate and prepare them in this new phase of life and to love them and to support them through the entire process.  Many times Chantelle is working on their behalf within the hospitals to get them the care they need and deserve as well as using the opportunity the pregnancy provides to get them registered and receive a UNHCR card.  This documentation helps to protect refugees by giving them recognition that they are in need of protection.   Her and her team give out gift bags each time a new mom has her baby and help to cover the cost of hospital expenses.  Each year at Christmas time we fundraise for this specific ministry. 

Paul and Chantelle serve in many other capacities as needs arise.  We are so proud of the work they do and so honored to partner with them.

 The Polischuks

Darren and Minako serve in Cambodia. They seek to provide dignified work to the most impoverished, all while boldly sharing the good news of Jesus Christ!  They currently run a sewing center which provides work to over 20 women.  God keeps growing and using this ministry in mighty ways.   Every day they start their work day with a devotional time that has brought healing and salvation to those working there.  The orders keep coming and work continues to grow as they seek to glorify God in this ministry. 

Darren works with the men in the community running a fabrication shop and a fish farm.  God continues to provide various forms of work on the fabrication end of things.  The men also start their day with devotions.  Christ is at the center of everything they do.  It is such a privilege to partner with them and witness how God is working in and through them.

For a more comprehensive look at their work please visit their website at

Pastor Justine


Pastor Justine is based in Uganda. He oversees many ministry projects within his community. His largest reaching project is a radio ministry that broadcasts the Gospel to a wide reaching audience. During every radio program more than 20 callers give testimonies of what Christ is doing in their lives, including healing.  The ministry helps combat the false teachings that is so prevalent in Africa.  They get to hear the truth about Jesus Christ.  Through the ministry Pastor Justin and his connection with the Pentecostal church are reaching some of the Arabic countries, such as, Saudi Arabia, Kaata, Iraq, Sudan, Dubai and others. 


Pastor Justine 


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Current Updates


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