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Did you know that we need 20 to 25 volunteers in Kids Ministry every Sunday?  That includes adult and student volunteers!!


We greatly appreciate our volunteers!  We are in huge need of volunteers to be able to run Kid's Ministries for our young children this summer!

We are looking for volunteers to serve maybe once during the summer, maybe even once or twice a month!  We are looking for volunteers who love to hold babies, volunteers who love to run with toddlers, volunteers who love to hang out with preschoolers, and volunteers who would love to welcome and greet families at our KidCheck stations.


To sign up as a volunteer, head on over to:


Volunteers are just ordinary people with extraordinary hearts.  They offer the gift of their time to teach, to listen, to help, to inspire, to build, to grow, and to learn.  They expect no pay, yet the value of their work knows no limit.  They've known the unexpected joy of a simple hug.  They've planted tiny seeds of love in countless lives.  Volunteers are just ordinary people who reach out and take a hand and together make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

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